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  • We are the Gmail League...
  • Welcome to the Gmail League. We are not pioneers of lavish importance nor are we aristocrats of great knowledge; however, we are students aspiring to be on top. Our community is a small start, a small step of this thousand-mile journey, and a leap towards our future. In here, we will strengthen the bonds and magnanimously endeavor the pursuing of justice, information, understanding, and equality. With the help of our society*s modern innovations, and our own unique talents, we shall achieve a goal of international awareness.

    Here, our opinions are sacred, our voices will be heard. Thus, NOW is the time to start! To start small yet make humongous impacts that can awe the world; and we shall start here.

    The world may have various languages but the message is united as one...
    Welcome! (English)
    ترحيب! (Arabic)
    欢迎! (Chinese)
    Bienvenue! (French)
    Willkommen! (German)
    Mabuhay! (Tagalog - Philippines)
    Benvenuto! (Italian)
    歓迎! (Japanese)
    환영! (Korean)
    Boa vinda! (Portugese)
    Bienvenidos! (Spain)

    Welcome to the Gmail League...
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    Learn the rules before engaging in anything.
    You may check the gmail league rules HERE.

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    To ask for help/support click HERE.

    Also, if you are a new member, we would like you to introduce yourself HERE.

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